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Decide what kind of Skype/Hangouts visit you want: Q &A? Writing workshop? Discussion of a particular piece from Real Indian Junk Jewelry (or another book)? Part reading from my work, part Q&A? Let me know the general course curriculum ahead of time, too, so that I have time to plan what will work best for your particular focus.

Given your current group of students and classroom situation, think about where you will position the monitor where the students will see me; try to keep me at their eye level. During Q&A, think about having someone responsible for turning the monitor/camera eye toward the student speaking, so I can see that student - or, have students with questions walk up to a particular spot within my range.

Visiting with a "talking head" can be impersonal on both sides; I love having your students introduce themselves to me before they ask a question. Just a quick, "Hi, I'm Jessica" is fine, but more is great if they feel like letting me know their background or fields of interest.

Ahead of time, give the students my URL and encourage them to explore past posts, my bio, and so on. I think it helps them feel a little less shy and may help generate questions and conversation.

One hour Skype visit to a university classroom: $300.
One hour Skype visit to your book group: $150

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